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Best Jaimala Designs For Wedding

Wedding is the Auspicious Day of Life

Wedding is a very auspicious day in one’s life. Everyone is waiting for the big day so anxiously. It’s not only the bride and the groom but their friends and family also who are excited and waiting for this day. Weddings are done everywhere but some wedding are so memorable. It is the efforts, talent and hard work which proves to be the best wedding. There are different rituals of wedding. Everyone fallow their rituals and tradition to make this day memorable and happening. Some wedding are purely fallowed by traditions and are simple in style. But the important Jaimala Designs for wedding in Delhi are the most happening and unforgettable weddings.

The process of jaimala Designs to make it memorable

At the wedding venue, the bride waits for the groom, with a jaimala, which is a decorated garland. Soon after the groom arrives, the bride and groom exchange garlands. On lighter note, it is considered that whoever puts the garland first on their partner, will have the upper hand in the marriage. The bride’s parents and elder members of the family welcome the groom and the guests. The parents and family starts preparation for the other rituals.

Wedding Outfits of Couple

Well, after the wedding outfits of the couple, it is the garland which attracts everyone’s attention. Thus picking that perfect wedding garland is really essential. But due to large variety in flowers, picking the right garland can get a little tricky. So our Wedding Organisers will help you through choosing the best garland for jaimala. Always keep in mind the season when you are getting married, as some flowers are not available in particular season, but still if you have any particular choice our team will try their best level to arrange your choice of flower.

Selection of Flowers for jaimala Design

Marigold and roses are the most common flowers and are available through all seasons. However we try to add the exotic flowers to the garland, for the instance, lily and orchids for your winter wedding or dahlia and iris for a summer affair. As the garland comes in various colors, designs and sizes, so we have to be very particular while choosing the color scheme of the garland. We always match tee garland with the wedding couples wedding outfit. If the wedding outfit is more of zari work we make sure that the garland has zari work with some elegant flowers like white and pink roses, delicate orchids or we try heavy garland made up of red roses and jasmine.

Selection of Garland as per the Stage Decor

We also have the florist who discuss the wedding decor and suggest the garland as per the decor, or we also try to make garland as per the stage decor. So in any case our professional team tries to match the garland as per your wedding outfit or the decor. They also keep your choice in mind. There are some flowers that are widely used in wedding garlands and they represent themselves as:

Pink rose- happiness, Red rose- Love. Orange rose- Passion. Marigold- Prosperity. Arabian jasmine- Blessing and piety. Orchids- Love. magnificence and beauty. Lily of the valley- Sweetness. humility and happiness. White Rose- Charm and grace. So now you have wide range of selection you can select as per your choice the best garland for your auspicious day.

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